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Photo by Brittnee Sanchez
Although roadways in Grandview have been plowed, cars should still practice safe winter driving habits.

Ice and Snow…Take It Slow-Winter Driving Safety Tips

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By Brittnee Sanchez
Staying safe on the road is just one of the challenges that comes with winter weather. Let's be real, this weather isn't going anywhere soon and we have a few tips to help keep you safe.
When it comes to driving in this weather, Officer Kevin Glasenapp said people need to practice good/ safe driving habits. 
"Stopping on ice or compact snow/ice takes much longer than stopping on dry pavement," mentioned Officer Glasenapp regarding safety during this winter weather.
Here are some tips to get to your destinations safely:
Give yourself ample time to get where you need to go
Don't follow too closely when roads are slick, try to keep four car-lengths between you and the car in front of you.
Stay off your cell phone
Start slowing down early and approach intersections with extreme caution.
Try to stick to main roads, as that they are the first roads plowed.
Keeping your car equipped with items such as: kitty litter, gravel and a shovel to help if you get stuck. "You can also use your rubber car mats to wedge under tires and help provide traction," suggested Officer Glasenapp. With the cold weather it always helps to carry a blanket, extra coat and a snack and water in case drivers find themselves stranded.
Also, the Grandview Police Officers want drivers to understand that the snow berms in the center of the roadway are not to be driven on or through. The city has plowed cuts at most intersections and alleyways. "I would encourage drivers to utilize these by driving around the block to position themselves in such a way that they can utilize these cleared paths," said Officer Glasenapp. Dozens of vehicles have gotten stuck on those berms because they try to drive through them.
Officer Glasenapp has also seen drivers driving on the berms causing the snow to be thrown back onto the roadway, defeating the hard work that the public works crew has been out doing.
Remember, we want everyone to stay safe in this intense winter weather.
On Facebook, JR shared a story about a young teenage boy needing his ankle taped and his friends being in awe of the treatment their friend had received. Something so small like taping a sprained ankle that we see all too often here in the US, really intrigued these kids.
"I met a young teen who had sprained his ankle the day before playing soccer. My buddy had taken a roll of tape, so I used some to tape his ankle to add some compression in hopes of decreasing his inflammation. Moments after, his group of buddies came to our work station asking about the tape, they had never seen an ankle taped. Immediately I wanted to teach them how to do it and why I did it, they hinted that they wanted to have it done as well. Unfortunately, our tape was limited. This was such a good feeling because it was so brand new to them, something as an athlete in the states we take for granted," said JR about one experience that stood out to him.
"The organization did a great job allowing us to site see on our off days. We were able to see the volcano, ocean and several markets located in and around San Salvador," said Camacho of what he did on during his down time.
This trip really gave JR a sense of purpose. "I have spent so many years in the books and to finally be able to apply all the knowledge that I have gained was such a blessing. It really opened my eyes on what a positive impact I can make in people's lives as I begin to practice here in the valley," replied Camacho when asked how this trip changed him.
JR would like to take a moment and thank his friends, family and the community of Grandview for all their donations to make this trip possible. "El Salvador has given me so much in so little time. I want you to know that I treated w intent and gave everything I had to each and every single individual that came across my table," expressed JR.