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Life Options Grand Re-Opening

Photo by Brittnee Sanchez
The newly expanded Life Options building, now includes a "shop", where parents can earn bonus bucks and get necessities for their children.

By Brittnee Sanchez
For the past 30 years, Life Options has been serving Grandview. The Grandview office was formed in 1986.
The Sunnyside office opened in 2009. The building that they currently occupy now, opened in 2012. The mobile unit launched in Toppenish, April 2014, Mattawa, July 2014 and Mabton about 3 months ago. Life Options is a non-profit, pro-life, evangelical ministry dedicated to serving the local community. Their mission, since 1988, has been to assist women facing crisis pregnancies and provide them with on-going support and services.
Just last week, Life Options had their grand re-opening where they were open to the public to get new look at their newly expanded building. No longer are they occupying the house behind their building. Now they knocked down the wall of the same building they were in and have the whole building to cater to the needs of the women and families that come into Life Options seeking guidance and support.
Life Options also offers support groups for both younger boys and girls. Mainly those in middle school. The groups are called Girls 180 and Guys 180. Girls 180 was started in 2003-2004. Guys 180 started briefly in 2013 and then after a brief hiatus, started back up again last school year 2015-16, once a new volunteer was found.
Girls 180 is an after school support group for middle school girls. The group discusses issues that the girls want to talk about, including the topics of goal setting, healthy relationships, character, respect, risky behavior and its impact, as well as a variety of other topics. Those clubs are held at Grandview Middle School, Sierra Vista, and Harrison.
"We have girls who participate in middle school and then continue to come to the club after they enter high school," said Life Options Chairperson, Jan McDonald.  These girls act as mentors to the younger ones, as well. Last year, they had some juniors in high school, who started when they were 5th graders, come from the high school. "It's so much fun to watch them grow and see them succeed!" commented Jan.
Guys 180 is held at the Grandview Middle School during lunch hours and after school at Sierra Vista and Harrison Middle Schools. The topics are the same as in Girls 180, but obviously are catered more toward boys. The Guys 180 support group is still relatively new, because it took quite some time to find a guy who was willing to volunteer his time mentor middle school boys.
Both clubs are tailored to the needs of the clubs. We teach both clubs success principles so they can reach their full potential. Each participant earns "bonus bucks" for each session and twice per year, we take "The Store" to them for them to purchase items for themselves.